General Industries Workers Union of South Africa

Costs of SA royals in the spotlight as union calls for the abolition of Zulu monarchy

01 November 2022

On Monday, the General Industries Workers’ Union of SA released a statement calling for the abolition of all South African royalty. The union is a rare voice of dissent in a country where traditional monarchs are usually presented as untouchable — despite the cost to the taxpayer.


Fuel Hike: GIWUSA Welcomes Releif Measures

02 April 2022

Labour union GIWUSA has welcomed the joint announcement by Treasury and the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy offering relief against the burgeoning fuel price. eNCA's Rofhiwa Madzena speaks to Mametlwe Sebei the President of the general industrial workers union of South Africa. Courtesy

SA Dairy Company Clover Resolves to Fire Striking Workers as the Industrial Action Enters it's Fourth Month

22 March 2022

As the industrial strike at dairy manufacturer Clover continues, the company has resolved to fire picketing workers after the bargaining table was abandoned last week.


Giwusa Lambasts Clover Saying the Company Prioritises Profits Over its Striking Workers

03 February 2022

The General Industries Workers Union of SA (Giwusa) has lambasted Clover, claiming that the dairy producer is lining its pockets at the expense of its employees.

South Africa: Unions, Palestine solidarity groups escalate demand to nationalize Clover

28 January 2022

On January 27, pickets and rallies were held in several cities of South Africa in support of the workers’ demand to nationalize Clover.


It's time to uproot our archaic energy and mining regime

19 September 2022

In the past couple of years, SA has lived through some of its worst load-shedding. The estimated economic cost has been in the hundreds of billions of rands, and we will have to face more years of it, due to government inaction to resolve the crisis.